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Resisting The Current by Jennifer Marie

Resisting The Current by Jennifer Marie

Cassidy Jones was used to being alone. When her mother passed away, her father turned to alcohol, leaving Cassidy to look after herself. She spent her days alone, floating on a river, content in her routine away from her abusive father. That was until she met the man that would change everything.
Landon Reynolds left his life in Los Angeles hoping for a change. I have purchased a house on the river with the hope of starting over, intending to never fall in love again.

When Cassidy met Landon she knew she should avoid falling in love. They tried just to be friends, but as the summer grew hotter so did their desire to be together. When the summer was over Cassidy knew she would never see Landon again. That's why she was shocked when she saw him in her sixth period class.

* He was her new history teacher *

Intended for mature readers only **


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