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Daemortis: Purgatory by Lainey Miller

Daemortis: Purgatory by Lainey Miller

The dark saga of Daemortis continues, as we follow twins, Claire and Carly Turnquist, in the midst of a falling out. After a rather nasty fight between the two, Claire encounters Daemortis face-to-face, and her world is forever changed. As a result she loses her sanity; hardly eating, hardly bathing, she becomes empty and devoid of life. She is then committed to Briorlight, an institution that houses kids and teens with mental disabilities and criminal records. There she meets Luke and Jasmine, who have also seen Daemortis prior to being institutionalized. Upon being committed though, she becomes interested in learning more about Daemortis, and if it has any weaknesses,. She then learns Daemortis doesn’t take kindly to this, and warns her not to interfere. Along with plaguing nightmares of past victims, Claire isn’t fazed in the slightest, but becomes more convinced to keep searching for a way to stop it. However, she’ll soon learn of Daemortis’s true wrath, and what a terrifying place Purgatory really is.


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