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There’s Magic in the Air: A Pilot's Behind-The-Scenes View of Aviation by David Visser

There’s Magic in the Air: A Pilot's Behind-The-Scenes View of Aviation by David Visser

Purchase it today for your child's future tomorrow.This is a book that demystifies aviation and reassures parents and kids about the safety of air travel today.Written in a unique style, the book can be read and enjoyed by children and as well as adults. Each concept of flight is beautifully illustrated and provides an explanation in simple language that can be read to a toddler or read by an early reader. But then, the concepts are explained in more detail, so that an older reader or adult can find more info about the aspect of flying they are interested in. This is a must read book that every airline, airport bookstore, and parent will love.

I wanted to make flying fun again. I was 17 years old when I flew an airplane by myself for the first time. It was my first solo. I remember taking off from the airport in Nashua, NH. After ‘circling the pattern’ a couple times with my instructor, (That is, we take off and follow a rectangular pattern around the airport to come in and land again.) he instructed me to pull over to the parking area. We arrived and he told me not to shut off the engine. He hopped out and said “You’re ready for your solo flight. Take it around the pattern three times. After you land each time, taxi back and go around again.” It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you are alone in an airplane for the first time, taxiing for takeoff. I remember pulling out onto the runway, pushing up the throttle lever to max and starting my takeoff roll. As I lifted off, I glanced at the empty right seat and let out an excited yell. It was at that exact moment I also realized it was all up to me. There was no one in the plane to help me if I got in trouble. It’s amazing how our conscience level can rise to such a height in an instant. All my senses became in tune with that airplane. The human mind is more powerful than we can imagine. Even after all the studying and learning I’ve done in the aviation field, I still wonder if maybe there’s a little magic helping us along. It’s awe inspiring to look out at this pencil thin wing and think about what Bernoulli figured out so long ago. Every man I meet wanted to be a pilot and most still want to learn to fly. They can share this dream with their sons or daughters.
My book on aviation is to alleviate some of the fears of flying people have by educating them. It's an amazing feeling to be floating high in the sky.


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