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The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen

The Dancing Fool and the Kumquat Queen

So the story goes, long ago, before the coming of the Warlord, a great Jade Dragon brought the first tasty Kumquats to the town of Pan-yu.
In return, he only asked one thing.  Each year, Pan-Yu must provide him with a bride from among their most beautiful daughters.

The elders of Pan-Yu complied for sake of the Kumquats, until four warriors drove away the dragon.  
The town celebrated the event once a year with a great festival and a contest of martial arts from the schools founded by these warriors who fight for the hand of the Kumquat Queen.

This year is no different, except for Wa Hao Kun, who is soon to realize that he's a Dancing Fool and sets in motion a series of events that no one in Pan-Yu will ever forget, even until today.


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