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Dubai : An Insider's Guide by Sujit Shome

Dubai : An Insider's Guide by Sujit Shome

Dubai Dreamers 

Many people view Dubai as the place to achieve their greatest dreams: bask in 365 days of sunshine; bag a tax free salary, with huge savings potential; access a red tape free, entrepreneurial economy; create an ideal base to launch the offshore family unit; enjoy a fabulous Dom Perignon champagne breakfast lifestyle in a beautiful Jumeirah beachfront home…
All of that is possible. But you need to be careful on the path to those dreams.
This book aims to equip readers with the knowledge of exactly how Dubai operates; the inner Dubai, the real Dubai; the Dubai which most of the world does not see, and which some newcomers only discover at a very high price and often when it is too late.
Dubai: An Insider’s Guide, can help you keep your Dubai Dreams alive, achieve your goals and come out richer…and with your dignity intact!
So, don’t let your Dubai Dreams become Dubai Nightmares.
Dubai: An Insider’s Guide is here to help!


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