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Transported by Garry Abbott

Transported by Garry Abbott

The first human teleportation experiment has gone horribly right. 

So right, in fact, that Lucy Proverbs has arrived twice, both in this world and the next.

On Earth, inventor Professor Daryl Upton believes his experiment to be a success, admittedly with a few apocalyptic side effects. 

Meanwhile, in the other place, Lucy finds herself demanding to speak to her spirit-guide’s manager.

Reality is in meltdown. Everyday objects are coming to life. The afterlife is shrinking. Something’s got to give, and it might well be all existence as we know it.

Transported is Garry Abbott’s third novel, and his first since becoming a father, which is why it has taken so damn long. Inspired by the masters of genre comedy, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, Transported is a comedy that takes science, theology and philosophy, shakes them up, and then hands them over for you to open on a hot day when you least expect it.


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