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Genesis Creation and Cosmic Big Bang: In Agreement … at Last! (The Explanation) with Sam Kneller

Genesis Creation and Cosmic Big Bang: In Agreement … at Last! (The Explanation) with Sam Kneller 

Bible and Science: Which side are you on? Why take sides? Proven Science leads to true insight. Proper Theology leads to true comprehension. Then, proven science and proper theology must support the identical story.
Sam Kneller reveals that Genesis Creation and Cosmic Big Bang relate the identical amazing story. He has explained that it was before Big Bang all the way to its continuing accelerating expansion right now. Learn how Stephen Hawking was so right and so wrong at the same time.
The best of real Science and the best of real Theology open your mind to these new sources of knowledge do not collide but rather lead to coherent completeness. Grasp a vaster worldview - universeview - than you've ever seen before.
Sam Kneller is the creator of 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew - A Study Method to Unlock Bible Meaning ... with no fuss. No need to learn the Hebrew alphabet, grammar and the hard stuff to understand the original language of the Bible. All the tools are freely available online. Sam takes you on a Bible tour highlighting many Biblical Hebrew contexts that refer specifically to Big Bang. And you did not even recognize they were there! But now, you'll be qualified not to check them out for yourself but to decipher the deeper meaning.
It's impossible to even begin to see this comprehension of Big Bang and Genesis in your native language. After this concise but adventurous read you will acquire a new respect for both Science and the Bible. You'll realize that handled with care and caution these two sources of knowledge take on an unprecedented eye-opening journey.
Join Sam for this gripping and thrilling story for seekers of answers to the big questions in life. This is not just information, it's fundamental understanding of how the Universe is assembled. Get the beginning right to unravel the puzzle of why Humankind is on Earth.


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