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Sheikh's Holiday Baby Surprise by Kylie Knight

Sheikh's Holiday Baby Surprise by Kylie Knight

I did not realize I was just a mistress ...

Aspen Tucker had fallen in love with the hottest, richest, sexiest man she'd ever met. She wove dreams in her head of white knights and happily ever afters, and he only saw her as a kept mistress. A heartbreaking discovery forces Aspen to run away before sharing a life altering secret with her ... with him.

I thought she knew my rules ...

Prince Samir Rakhashi does not do love. He does sex. Hard, fast and all night long. When a woman really intrigues him, I keep her. For awhile. Not forever. But Aspen was not like his usual mistresses and he had not realized it until he'd come to find an empty apartment. When I found her months later, Samir learned he was not the only one with a secret.

I did not think I'd fall in love this time ...

Will Aspen and Sami figure out how to get past the past and have a life together?


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