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The Last Generation of Humans by By 000 0001

The Last Generation of Humans by By 000 0001

A futurist view of global humanity after the rise of intelligent machines. Written by an ex-US military, intelligence and counter-terrorism professional, this book provides an insider's warning about the evolution from a world marred by war, humanitarian crises, terrorism, and corruption, to a contrived and efficient social order marred by inequality and existential questions. Using a creative non-fiction format which blends fact and imagination, this book provides a revealing account of life in 2050 and exposes the current global trends which get us there. 
The book incorporates real life accounts of the impact of war, corruption, and the inequalities of technology, using snap-shots written by refugees stranded in camps. It is a message of crucial empowerment and a call to action.

*The proceeds from this book will help support individuals living in displaced and refugee camps*

000 0001 is an anonymous author, humanitarian, social critic and veteran of the US military and intelligence community. 000 0001 spent nearly two decades working in sensitive missions and dangerous international conflicts, and has seen first hand the despair caused by war and greed. 000 0001 is committed to providing truth, education and advocacy in support of human security worldwide.


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