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Zylan's Messengers by Sid Goodman

Zylan's Messengers by Sid Goodman

Three civilizations separated by billions of years in time and millions of light years in distance, come to life as their disparate histories converge to help the human race survive in 2408, when all of their bad decisions come back to haunt them.
The highly advanced Zylan civilization's planet expired of natural causes about 3.5 billion years ago, but not before they dispatched "Messengers" around the universe to teach the knowledge and legacy of their three hundred thousand year existence. One of those Messengers landed on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy and one on Earth connecting these two planets as they both attempt to manage their respective declines. The other civilization, much more advanced than Earth, in an effort to save themselves, offers a technological solution to Earth's problems, but with a price to be paid in the distant future.
Will the human race honor the commitments of their forefathers, or are they willing to risk the wrath of their benefactors? Zylan's Messengers explores the reasons that humans are the only animals on Earth that make conscious decisions that are bad for their survival


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