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CONQUISTADORS TRILOGY: BOOKS 1-3 by Dennis Santaniello

CONQUISTADORS TRILOGY: BOOKS 1-3 by Dennis Santaniello

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. But what your teachers never told you was what happened next. Because the truth is a scary thing.

Empires will crumble. Blood will fall.

A thrilling and realistic epic“ CONQUISTADORS” is a Historical Fiction book trilogy that explores the violent and horrific Spanish Conquest of the New World from the years of 1527-1542.

Through the jungles of Peru, to the vast Arizona deserts, and finally to the great Mississippi River, and told through the eyes of a Spanish soldier named Sardina, this epic tale accurately portrays the horrific events and trauma of the Spanish Conquest of the New World, while at the same time it rightfully captures the undying resolve and bravery of the Native American people.

Grab this instant classic now. Includes: BROTHERS AND KINGS, DEVILS OF THE DESERT, and RIVERS AND BLOOD.


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