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Still Standing: From Victim to Victory by Slim Sir

Still Standing: From Victim to Victory by Slim Sir

If you’ve ever been a victim of abuse, contemplated or attempted suicide, lost a loved one, battled depression, or just felt lost in life, Still Standing (from victim to victory) is the BOOK for YOU!

My name is Slim Sir and I was a victim of sexual abuse at the young age of 12. I’m a survivor of 2 suicide attempts and severe depression. By society’s standards I was a complete loser until the age of 42, then I learned what I will share with YOU in THIS BOOK, Still Standing (from victim to victory)

I want to let you know that no matter what you’re going through or what you’ve been through, things can and will GET BETTER! It doesn’t matter how messed up your life was or is right now, there’s hope! You CAN turn your life around, and I’m living PROOF!

I’m going to share with you step by step how I turned my life around and hold your hand as you do the same thing! We’ll get through this TOGETHER! But the first step is READ THIS BOOK: Still Standing (from victim to victory)...

In this book you will learn:
How to master your mind & thinking!
How to master your mood & beat depression!
How to master your MONEY!
How to live a life of PURPOSE!
And much more!


Getting your book in front of the public is essential for any author. How can you do this without breaking the bank? Let me help you.

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