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BrainTwister: New Creative Thinking Model For Individuals by Amr Okasha, Dr.Emma Langman (Editor)

BrainTwister: New Creative Thinking Model For Individuals by Amr Okasha, Dr.Emma Langman (Editor)

BrainTwister, a powerful new model that will UPGRADE your creativity, STRETCH your mind muscles, and EMPOWER you to create new/re-innovative ideas in business and life.
Know what is “Brain-constrain” and learn how to “BrainTwist” your thoughts and make new ideas through the four stages of the “BrainTwister,” Suspicion, conversion, Approval, and Belief.
SHINE in business, and know how to conquer your fears of Brainstorming meetings with new concepts and beliefs, learn the “Brain-rain” approach.
This book begins with background concepts with which you may have some familiarity – such as the modern understanding of how the brain works. From here, we will briefly explore key concepts from fields of Chemistry, Biology, and Philosophy, and I will show you how the BrainTwister model has evolved from, and in some cases beyond, this foundational thinking.
Whether you were on page one and continue through the book in sequence, or leap to those elements that capture your attention, I hope that you will enjoy exploring this new model and that you will choose to apply it to your life so that you may experience the same type of positive benefits as my clients.
Remember, it takes time, patience, and persistence – but nothing is stopping you from being the creative person you most want to be. I invite you to explore, commit and twist your brain to do that which serves you and your loved ones best.


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