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The Wanderer: The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1 by P.R. Ramos

Join Zaelen Skyreaver, the seasoned Planetary Fixer, as he faces his final mission in the captivating universe of "The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1: The Wanderer." Retirement beckons, but fate has other plans. What seems like a routine task spirals into an odyssey unlike any other.

Step into a world where monsters threaten, but the inhabitants—Qi-cultivating martial artists—resent outside interference. As Zaelen strives to restore balance, the universe weaves a web of unexpected challenges and alliances.

This isn't your typical adventure. "The Wanderer" is a unique blend of sci-fi and western cultivation fantasy, a portal to a world where the unknown reigns and every twist reveals a new mystery. Get ready for an enthralling, unpredictable ride through a cosmos of intrigue and self-discovery.


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