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Enslaved: A Necessary Evil by Ann Lee

Enslaved: A Necessary Evil by Ann Lee is a riveting historical fiction that delves into the untold story of Martha Liza Lee, a fourteen-year-old Black-Cherokee girl, captured into slavery. Set against the backdrop of actual events, this gripping narrative unfolds the chilling tale of Liza's entanglement with John C. Calhoun, the 7th US Vice President. Calhoun, mesmerized by Liza's beauty, grapples with his twisted belief that slavery is a necessary evil ordained by God.

Behind the closed doors of his Fort Hill Mansion, Calhoun risks his infallible reputation by succumbing to forbidden love for his enslaved captive. The story unfolds with tension, passion, and an unspeakable betrayal that threatens to shatter lives. Ann Lee masterfully weaves a tale where the echoes of history reverberate, reminding us that some stains cannot be washed away, even by the most powerful figures. Dive into the pages of Enslaved: A Necessary Evil for an emotional journey that challenges the boundaries of love, power, and the enduring struggle against the evils of the past.


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