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Ward (The Ward Trinity Book 1) by Kyle Waller

Ward (The Ward Trinity Book 1) by Kyle Waller

Up The River? Or Down In The Dirt?
There's no denying The Ward any longer.

Summary Execution has become the preferred fate to exile in a place where even angels fear to tread. Those unwise who elected for prison or are deemed unworthy of a quick death are condemned to The Ward, the former capital-city-converted-city-prison of Sacramento, California.

Amid the Grim Reaper coming in the forms of smiling rib cages and riding out the eleventh-hour, cannibal-afflicted Vikings, a Roman-inspired death cult, and a paranoid Mafia Syndicate, wage an ever cascading campaign of annihilation against one another. It is in this war-ravaged tomb, where the Angel of Death and Tango Primary Five are destined to meet. 

Meetings are one thing... escaping from whence no one ever has with darker forces at play... is altogether different.
Come and see what the end result is when Cormac McCarthy's The Road and Hugh Howey's Wool has a child and breaks all of the dystopian ’rules’ - sucking you in and making you not want to let go until the very end. Dare to lose yourself in the vivid and gut-wrenching city-prison where Mental Illness is far from the only peril... she's but the guest of honor. 

Pre-order now and prepare to enter The Ward.


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