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Mastering the Human Experience: Your Soul's Journey on Earth by Michael Edward Bradford

Mastering the Human Experience: Your Soul's Journey on Earth by Michael Edward Bradford

Are You 100% Committed to Your Soul's Growth?
This is a time of questioning our place in the world — a time of soul searching and soul awakening. Many of us are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, disconnected, lost, lonely and confused. At the same time, we are experiencing a deep soul hunger, seeking spiritual truth, understanding and healing. Mastering the Human Experience explains your soul’s challenges and opportunities. Designed to activate your soul’s Knowing and raise your Spiritual IQ. It is a Manual for conscious, awakened Living — a Jump-Start Guidebook for activating your Soul-Awareness and navigating your journey towards enlightenment. Filled with easy-to-understand information, tips, tools and techniques to help you break free from your pain, suffering and limitations, it provides insights into life’s most perplexing questions, such as: “Where did I come from? What is my Soul Purpose for being here? Where am I going? Why is my life so challenging?” Beyond that, it answers, “How do I become happier, healthier and more successful?” Written for people who are passionately committed to dramatically improving the quality of their life, Michael provides precious keys to manifesting greater love, joy, health, happiness, ease, grace, success and abundance. Allow him to guide you on your journey to greater clarity and enlightenment.

Trained by the world’s best healers, Michael is brilliant, sensitive and highly conscious. No one has done more for me than the author of this remarkable book. My experience with Michael has been both life-changing and soul-nourishing. If you are committed to your Soul Growth, Michael is the person to assist you! Linda Schiller-Hanna, Clairvoyant, Counselor, Lecturer & Intuition Trainer ARE - Association for Research and Enlightenment – Edgar Cayce Foundation


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