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Cupid Takes a Wife (Holliday Islands Resort Book 6) by Marie Higgins

Cupid Takes a Wife (Holliday Islands Resort Book 6) by Marie Higgins

Ivy Kidman’s dream is to assist the big movie producers, and when a billionaire hires her to make a commercial for his son’s island romantic resort, she can’t turn it down. After meeting the owner of Cupid Island, however, she’s definitely ready to turn around and go home. How dare he call her accident-prone when he is the one falling all over himself? As she works closely with the handsome man who makes her laugh, she slowly starts to change her mind.

Steele “Cupid” Holliday is frustrated with his father for sending the determined woman to his island. His father insists that Steele needs to be in the commercial, but he’s not a photogenic man and he wants Ivy to leave and never come back. But when his competitiveness kicks in when she proves to be just like him, he wants to keep her around a little bit longer… just to see who wins. He feels himself losing quickly, especially when his heart becomes involved.


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