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Lebreya: A Love Predestined from Birth by Katie Veil

Lebreya: A Love Predestined from Birth by Katie Veil

Are you ready?

Highly acclaimed LEBREYA will "touch your heart and leave you breathless."

From the moment they met as children, Ian of Oriias knew he could never live without her . . . but it shouldn't be possible. In a world where Lebreyans and humans unite to protect the kingdom from evil, forming a bond with a human would be unheard of; an impossibility. But it's undeniable: his heart nearly seizes at the brush of her skin; his senses stunned by nothing other than the caress of her eyes. So, how does he have the bond for someone ungifted?

Even at sixteen, Minaya is Ian's hope, his heart, and his courage - but when their attraction becomes obvious, their love becomes a threat to the pending union of two kingdoms. Minaya is betrothed to the dark Lord of Doran . . . while Ian is torn away, sent from his homeland to battle the fabled Serpanians. Everythig inside him screams that he protect her from this man . . . but it seems the greatest way to keep her safe, is to surrender as a pawn to the wars. As he matures, his natural gifts unfold, bringing him to the attention of Lebreya's leaders. His abilities ascend him into positions of power, and eventually to humankind's greatest protector as High Commander of the Lebreyan Armies. But his innate bond for Minaya is a driving force, consuming him to serve the love of his childhood, despite the kingdom's orders to stay away.

Ian’s decisions will decide the fate of the kingdom, his soldiers, and the one who owns his heart.

But when he is captured, tortured, and trained to defy the people he is sworn to defend, his predestined love is put to the ultimate test.


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