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The New England Vampire: A Supernatural Fantasy Novel - Inspired by True Events by Jay Wheeler

The New England Vampire: A Supernatural Fantasy Novel - Inspired by True Events 

The New England Vampire is a supernatural fantasy that will electrify fans of Twilight, A Shade of Vampire and The Vampire Diaries with a fresh and unique storyline that no one is expecting!

Inspired by true events!

After Cade learns that the 1888 New England tuberculosis outbreak may have been a cover up, and with his fiancee, Lexi, battling the severe disease in hospital, he must race against the clock and dig deeper for the truth in hopes of finding a cure.

Uncovering the truth is only the beginning though. In order to save her, Cade must find his way to Hy’Brasil, an island that was taken off of maps and disguised in a hidden reality by a line of powerful witches who imprisoned the vampire population there. Now he must battle the sinister evil that lives in the darkness and enter a world that has been kept secret for centuries.

Does he survive his journey through physical and mental hell and make it back to save Lexi in time? Or does he unlock something far more dangerous than even the witches are able to control?

The New England Vampire perfectly merges reality, fantasy, legend and myth into one hair raising story that will leave you wanting more.


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